Governance Structure - Roles and Responsibilities

Governing Body Structure at Manor Park Primary School – September 2020


Type of Governor

Date of Appointment

Term of office

Attendance Record 2019-2020

SSDP Priority Link

Link Area

Geoff Mason – Chair


Jan 2017

Jan 2021

7/7 – 100%

1,3,4 Maths

Cathryn Walley – Vice Chair


Mar 2020

Mar 2024

6/7 – 86%

1,2,3,4 English

Simon Cotterill

Head teacher

Sept 2016


8/8 - 100%


Patrick Jones


Sept 2017

Sept 2021

7/7- 100%

3,4,7,8 Curriculum, EYFS

Paul Deakin


July 2020

June 2024

5/6 – 83%

  Pupil Premium

Lee Williams


Mar 2020

Mar 2024

6/7 – 86%


Esther Holden


Nov 2019

Nov 2023

5/6 – 83%

4,6 PE & Sport development

Lesley Dalzell


Dec 2017

Dec 2021

7/7 – 100%

4,7 Curriculum

Jennifer Hopkinson


March 2018

March 2022

4/6 – 66%


Richard Woollam


July 2019

July 2023

6/6 – 100%

7 Governor Training & Middle leadership

Stuart Gardiner


May 2018

May 2022

3/6 - 50%

6 Pastoral 

Julie Nichols


Dec 2019


5/5 – 100%

  Health & Safety

Sarah Jeffery


Sept 2016


7/8 – 88%



Area of Development


Link Governors

Outcomes for pupils

Priority 1:  To identify and address the regression in learning due to the Coronavirus for ALL children resulting in the significant majority of children reaching pre Coronavirus attainment levels within 3 terms of full time provision resuming.

Cathryn Walley

Geoff Mason

Priority 2:   To increase the % of pupils achieving the national threshold in the Y1 Phonics Screening Check – Target 80%

Cathryn Walley

Priority 3: To focus on early reading and early maths to ensure that all none SEN Reception/KS1 children are fluent readers and confident mathematicians by end of Y2.

Cathryn Walley

Geoff Mason

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Priority 4: To ensure that the delivery and resourcing of our new curriculum results in and exciting, ambitious and engaging experience for all children.

Patrick Jones/ Lesley Dalzell

Priority 5: To increase the school’s capacity for early identification of Special Educational Needs and remove barriers to learning ensuring all children identified with SEN receive the bespoke provision, ( internal and external) they need.

Jenny Hopkinson

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Priority 6: To review and improve the outdoor provision for all children with a focus on supporting wellbeing, personal development and provide further opportunity to learn through play.

Stewart Gardener

Effectiveness of Leadership & Management

Priority 7: To further develop the role of Middle Leaders to ensure actions taken support improvements in all aspects of the core and foundation curriculum. For Middle leaders to be integral in the monitoring and continued improvement of our newly developed curriculum.

Richard Woollam

(Patrick Jones/ Lesley Dalzell)


Priority 8:  To ensure all Non-SEN pupils make good or better progress in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Maths from their starting points by increasing the % of children whose attainment is at EXP to at least 65% attain or exceed National Expectations

Patrick Jones













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