What do School Governors do?

Governing Bodies are responsible for overseeing the work of the school as well as the future development and direction of school improvement. Governors work closely with the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team as a 'critical friend'.

The Governing Body meets as a full group once each term. Much of the work is carried out in sub-committees that then report to the full Governing Body.

Our committees are:

  • Learning and Teaching: - Responsible for data analysis in school and oversees the attainment of children and targets set. It is also responsible for overseeing curriculum developments and working with subject leaders

  • Resources - maintaining an overview of the school budget and setting a new budget yearly and Premises; responsible for school buildings maintenance and developments and health and safetyrsponsible for personnel matters and often involved in the appointment of staff.

  • Pastoral- Responsible for supporting the well-being of our children.

Who makes up the Governing Body? 

We have nine members of our Governing Body and there are four types of governors:

  • Two are Parent Governors; parents or carers of children in the school

  • One is a Local Authority Governor; representatives of the LA, usually but not always councillors

  • Four are Co-opted Governors; interested members of the community which can be individuals or people from local businesses and interest groups; they are chosen based on the needs of the school.

  • One Staff Governor; S/he are elected from the staff by the staff.

  • The Head Teacher is also a governor of the school.

What special roles do Governors have? 

  • SEN Governor - Stewart Gardiner has responsibility for overseeing our Special Educational Needs Policy and Procedues

  • Child Protection, Safeguarding & Looked After Children - Patrick Jones has responsibility for the policy and procedures relating to the well-being of our pupils

  • Health & Safety - Stewart Gardiner has resoponsibility for reviewing our Heath & Safety Policy and procedures in line with current legislation

  • Critical Incidents - Stewart Gardiner is responsible for the overview of our procedures in event of a critical incident

  • Training - Geoff Mason is responsible for Governor training

If you would like further information or are interested in becoming a governor, please contact Mr Cotterill.



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