Head Boy and Head Girl



2019-2020 Lucie and George were fabulous in the role of Head Boy and Head Girl. They led each assembly with confidence and pride whilst also supporting the staff with subject surveys and jobs that needed to be done by a trusted member of the team! 

2018-2019 Joe and Eilidh continued to set a high standard in the role of Head Boy and Head Girl. They supported all of the major school events during the year and hosted the weekly celebration assemblies with confidence and zest.

2017-2018- Thomas and Gracie were fabulous as Head Boy and Head Girl, they were great role models to the rest of the children in school and were integral to a positive outcome from our OFSTED inspection.

2016-2017 - Dominic and Katy did fantastically well in their role, especially as they were the first ever Head Boy and Head Girl at Manor Park Primary School. Well done to Dominic and Katy.

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