Modern Foreign Languages

Welcome to Manor Park’s Modern Foreign Languages Page.

At Manor Park we recognise the importance of learning a foreign language as a liberation from insularity and an opening to other cultures.

The children will be taught weekly French lessons in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 using the Catherine Cheater scheme.


The scheme offers fun and interactive resources and a chance to listen to native speakers. On top of their weekly lesson, the children will receive a ‘5-minute language parcel’ which will allow the children to listen to and practise French daily. This will be delivered as a cross-curricular activity and could be anything from a warm up game in PE using colours, a counting game in maths to a succession of short classroom commands.

On Tuesday 26th September the children at Manor Park will celebrate The International Day of Languages by taking part in several European workshops led by native speakers. Pictures and videos of the event will be posted on this page.

At Manor Park we also offer free language clubs (French, German and Italian so far) to children across the school as a fun way of discovering other languages and cultures.


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