Daily English Lessons

Wednesday 3rd February,

Hi everyone,

Here is the link to Manor Park's Accelerated reader log in.

Welcome to Renaissance Place (renlearn.co.uk)

You can collect books form school every 2 weeks and quiz from home.

I look forward toseeing you reach your reading targets again!

Take care,

Ms Bisson


Wednesday 27th January,

Hello everyone,

Today's video speeds up a for a minute or so in the middle - hopefully you can still see and read the model and mostly understand my very fast talking!

Enjoy writing the second part of the narrative!

Ms Bisson

Tuesday 19th January

Hi children,

Hope you are all enjoying the English lessons on Anglo-Saxon Boy.

On Friday, I posted the openings that you sent in last week onto the blog.

Take a look and show off your fantastic work to your families!

I really enjoyed reading them.

Well done!

Ms Bisson


Tuesday 12th January,

Hi everyone,

I am back as usual until Friday. A great big thank you to Miss Houghton for yesterday's similes and metaphors lesson.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Ms Bisson


Friday 8th January,

Hi everyone,

I have noticed the video for today's leeson has a couple of technical difficulties.

To get the sound on the what is a setting video use this link:


Enjoy today's lesson!



Hope you enjoy learning about Magnus, the Anglo-Saxon boy!

Take care,

Ms Bisson.

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