Please see the documents below for key information around good attendance at school.

Attendance Matters to us at Manor Park. Therefore we are constantly reviewing our procedures and incentives.

To focus on getting all children into school for as much time as possible, we have reviewed our current practice and made a few changes.  We will be implementing the following strategies in school to promote good attendance.

  • Children who have 100% attendance in a term will receive a raffle ticket for a prize draw which will take place on the last day of each term.
  • The class with the highest attendance each week will be congratulated in assembly and have an own clothes day the following week.
  •  Children who have 98% attendance or above over the whole school year will take part in an annual  school attendance trip. The first of these will take place in July 2019.
  • The child with the most improved attendance from July 2018 – July 2019 will receive a reward at the end of the year.

We are also opening our Manor Park Bank. All classes will have the opportunity to earn money to go in the bank. Every week we will identify the 3 classes with the highest attendance. As long as the attendance in these classes is greater than 96%, they will receive money in the bank:

  • Ist place - £5
  • 2nd place - £3
  • 3rd place - £2

If a class has 100% attendance, the amount they will receive on that week will be £10.00. At the end of the school year the class totals will be added up and each class will receive the amount they have earned to go towards a whole class treat.

As you know, we aim for the attendance rate of the school to be 98% or above. The chart below explains the impact of pupil absence on the number of learning days lost in school.

Attendance during one school year

Equals days absent

Which is approximately weeks absent


4 Days

1 Weeks


10 Days

2 Weeks


19 Days

4 Weeks


29 Days

6 Weeks


38 Days

8 Weeks

While we appreciate that children fall ill and that sometimes absence cannot be avoided, it is important to be mindful of the number of days lost over a year, and the importance of being at school as much as possible.

Over this school year we will continue to  issue  attendance certificates every half term to allow parents to be more aware of children’s attendance. These will be issued on coloured paper:

  • Green paper – Your child’s attendance is 96% or above. Well done!
  • Lilac paper – Your child’s attendance is on the cusp of needing monitoring – 95.9% - 94%
  • Orange Paper – Your child’s attendance is 93.9% -90% and needs to be improved.
  • Red paper – Your child’s attendance is below 90% and is being closely monitored for improvement. If attendance drops below 85% we will inform the EWO (Educational Welfare Officer).

If you need any further information regarding attendance please come in and speak to us.

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