Manor Park Curriculum

At Manor Park we pride ourselves in delivering a broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to reflect the wider world and our children’s place in it as well as reflecting our core values: respect, resilience, responsibility, pride and reflection. Our curriculum intends to capture children’s interests and develop their understanding by creating meaningful learning opportunities within a knowledge rich framework.  In a global climate of rapid change, our approach is to ensure that learning is memorable, relevant and purposeful so that our children are ready academically and personally to leave Manor Park and embrace the next stages in their education and beyond



Intent (What do we what our children to know and understand from our curriculum?)


By the time children leave Manor Park they will be learners who….

English and mathematics

have developed excellence in English and mathematics skills to equip them to understand the world and have the crucial foundations to access all other areas of learning.


have developed a knowledge of an historical timeline and understanding of how history shapes the world today. Children will also develop in depth knowledge and understanding of particular events and people from the past.



have developed a knowledge of the world and its places. They will understand differences and similarities between people and places around the world and develop an appreciation for the diversity of the planet and the need to protect the natural environment.


have developed knowledge of different artists and techniques, an understanding and appreciation of art and the skill to produce their own pieces of art.

Design and Technology

 have developed a knowledge of design and designers and an understanding of the plan, make, review process. They will have also developed the skills to construct a range of designs with different materials and tools including use of ICT.


have developed a knowledge of coding and computing and understanding of how these technologies can help to children to develop computational thinking to access, use and create technology. They will know how to be safe online.


 have developed a deep love of music through critical engagement with a wide canon of  music and the ability to compose their own music. They will have the opportunities to develop creativity and confidence through a range of instruments.

Physical Education

are inspired to be physically confident and fit and healthy enough to take on challenges including competitive sport. They will develop their coordination, tactics, fitness and skills in a range of sports and games.

Religious Education

can reflect on their own beliefs and values through studying different religions and developing knowledge and understanding of different belief systems. They will have an inclusive and tolerant approach to studying religion.



have developed a deep understanding of the world through the scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics and the scientific method.  They will have an appreciation of the power of science to inform our world view and the benefits it has brought to humanity will also be acquired. Children will develop a curiosity about the world and the skills and vocabulary to enquire scientifically.


will be equipped with tools to maintain healthy and positive lifestyles with regard to relationships, diet and their own personal identity and body image. As they become more confident throughout the areas of PSHE/RSE and progress in the related skills, they will also achieve a greater understanding of their personal role in society.

Modern Foreign Languages

 have developed an appreciation for other cultures and languages and develop deeper knowledge and use of the French language. 



Implementation (How will we deliver our curriculum?)


Term/Year Group

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


World War 1 and 2

Evolution and Inheritance

Animals including humans

Manchester v European Region (Gateway to the World)



Enterprise (DT/art/Drama)

Living Things and their habitats


Ancient Civilisation (Mayans)

Earth and Space


Anglo Saxons/Locational knowledge of UK


Living things and their habitats

Animals including humans


Properties and Changes of materials


Romans/Local History


Animals including humans

Rivers/Water Cycle

States of matter

Living things and their habitats

Ancient Greeks



Stone Age – Iron Age




Animals including humans

Rocks and soils

Ancient Egypt

Forces and Magnets


Events beyond Living Memory – Fire of London

Everyday Materials

Come Fly with me – Lives of Significant Individuals/ Manchester/Airport

Animals including humans

Rainforests linked to changes within living memory


Living things and their habitats


How times have changed (within living memory – toys/homes)

Animals including humans

Local Study – Knutsford Plans / maps of school – human /physical features

Everyday Materials

Farming (map work, Tatton, Changes in food etc)

Seasonal Changes



We have developed a Learning Adventure curriculum, which is both thematic and linked to our High Quality Texts in English. Each Learning adventure uses an enquiry based approach from which all our History, Geography, Science, Art and Design Technology learning derives. A main subject driver is enhanced through meaningful connections with other subjects creating a holistic approach to learning. Where possible, other subjects are linked or taught discretely including Computing, RE, PSHE, MFL and Music.

We have high expectations for all children and believe that all children are capable of achieving and succeeding in their learning. Through maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum where concepts are delivered in depth, we aim to ensure that all children meet end of year outcomes.

Impact (How do we know what the children can do and what they understand?)

Each subject is driven forward by a member of staff who monitors the attainment and progress of our children. We do this in a variety of ways including speaking to children, looking at their learning in their books, observing lessons and using data gathered from our school’s assessment system. This analysis can then be used to provide support and resources where needed to maintain high standards across all subjects.





























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