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At Manor Park School and Nursery, we intend to prepare children to develop a curiosity for other cultures and their languages through learning Spanish. Besides deepening the children’s understanding of the world, this should provide a foundation for further language learning, equipping them to work and study in other countries as well as supporting the study of modern languages in Key Stage 3.


The languages curriculum is comprised of four main strands that are taught throughout Key Stage 2: Listening and speaking, reading, writing and grammar. Our curriculum is implemented through discreet weekly lessons which revisit prior learning and provide progression over the four years to enable pupils to make substantial progress in one additional language. The aim is for the lessons to enable pupils to communicate ideas, facts and feelings in speech and writing through a focus on familiar and routine matters. There is also an opportunity for pupils to use and apply their knowledge and skills in a cross curricular way though languages and vice versa. Maths topics can be reinforced through languages for example. Whilst learning adventure lessons and PE offer an opportunity to revisit key learning objectives through Spanish language teaching. Extra-curricular activities enrich the children’s experience of language learning by providing after school language clubs to promote scholarship in a more relaxed environment. Opportunities to enter Mother Tongue Other Tongue, a national language competition, will also be offered and encouraged in targeted after school clubs.


The impact of the languages curriculum is monitored using several measures. The children complete their languages learning in a separate book and where appropriate oral work may be evidenced through photographs or videos. Language books are monitored and on-going support offered to language teaching staff. Pupil voice and staff voice is conducted to ensure high quality language provision. Verbal Feedback is given to children in order to support them to progress within and across lessons. Assessment of learning is currently teacher assessed. All these measures help to monitor the curriculum and raise the aspirations of the children, ensuring our pupils are able to communicate in Spanish for practical purposes and have the foundations for further future language learning. 



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