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Welcome to Summer Term  Year 3/4



Wow, can you believe we are in our last term of year 3 and 4? I hope you had an enjoyable Easter break and are ready for all the exciting challenges we have planned for this term. The following information outlines what your child will be learning.


It is a jam packed term in maths with lots of areas to cover so challenge will be on a high.  We will be focusing on the following knowledge and skills through our Power Maths scheme;

Year 3: mass, capacity, fractions, money, Time, shape and statistics

Year 4: decimals, money, time, shape, statistics.

We will also continue to practice our fluency of timetables through Times Tables rock Stars so completion of TTRS homework and home practice is essential for your child’s success.  Year 4 have their statutory Timetable Check assessment in June so the more practice the better! Children will also continue to have the opportunity to practice their fluency skills through core skills and tough ten.





This term in English we will be using the book “fossil girl” by Catherine Brighton. The children will have the opportunity to learn about the geologist Mary Anning and write a journal based on her astonishing discovery of the first complete Ichthyosaurus in the 1800. After the February half term we will then immerse ourselves in the award winning picture book “Big Blue Whale” by Nicola Davies.  We will learn about the largest mammal on the planet which will inspire us to write a persuasive information article about how this creature needs protecting. This will support us to build our skills in grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and composition.


Learning Adventure  - Egypt


In geography, we will be learning where Egypt is found on a map and naming the surrounding countries. We will be learning about the key physical and human features found in Egypt. In history, we will be looking at Ancient Egypt. We will be learning about Egyptian society, burial rituals and mummification. We will discover why the River Nile was so important at the time and still is today.

Science - Plants  


As budding scientists, we will learn about plants and carry out investigations. Children will learn about the different parts of a plant and their functions. They will investigate how water is transported within in plants. Children will explore how plants make their own food and investigate if they can survive without light.


Our PE lesson are Tuesday and Friday every week. Please can PE kits be in school and labelled with your child’s name.


Homework will be set on Ed Shed, this will include spellings, maths and grammar. There are 3 parts to be completed every week.  Homework will be set on Fridays and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday. There will also be Times Table Rock stars (TTRS), your child will have their own individual login for both Ed Shed and TTRS.  This will be found inside their planners which are to be taken home and brought into school every day.  Homework is an essential part of their learning as it helps them consolidate what they are learning and take responsibility to work independently.


Reading for pleasure is a crucial part of learning and development.  It helps spark your child’s imagination and develop essential literacy skills.  Please support your child to read their Accelerated Reader books for 20 minutes each day at home.  They can also read any other books, be they fiction or non-fiction. Planners will be checked weekly and I would encourage you and your child to write about they are reading.  It could be about what they are enjoying, what is happening or how it makes them feel.  It also links to their Accelerated Reading where children must take at least 2 comprehension quizzes a week.  If they are not reading out of school they will not be able to complete the expectations for their learning.

Planners/ Messages

If you wish to deliver a message to me, please use the planner as a form of communication but make sure they remember to hand it to me that morning so as to guarantee I see the message.  As always, we encourage open lines of communication between school and home. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the term, please do not hesitate to contact me through the school’s administration team.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs Simpson



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