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 Welcome to Year 5/6


Dear parents/carers and year 5/6 children,

Welcome to the Autumn term.

We hope you have had a lovely break and are feeling energised and looking forward to more learning in Year 5/6. 

Maths: In Maths we will begin the term looking at place value within 10,000,000 for our year 6 children and within 1, 000,000 for the year 5s. Following this we will focus on formal methods for addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. We will also be working with fractions, learning to add, subtract in year 5 and multiply and divide fractions in year 6. To further support our learning in maths we will also complete Core Skills tasks each week which will include consolidation and pre-teaching of maths concepts. We will also be taking part in daily arithmetic challenges.

English: In English we will be working towards creating a series of diaries about significant events in Mathew Henson’s life. We will be using our inferencing skills to make predictions and use evidence from the texts to support our ideas. We will begin to evaluate the authors language choices and reflect on how language, structure and presentation all contribute to texts. We will look at enhancing our writing through selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary. We will look to describe settings, characters, and atmosphere. Throughout the term, we will be concentrating on the books: ‘Young, Gifted and Black’ by Jamia Wilson and ‘Race to the Frozen North’ by Catherine Johnson.


Mayans: This project has a History and Geography focus, in which the children will learn who the Mayans were, what evidence we have to be able to understand Mayan life. They will learn about the religious beliefs the Mayans had. What life was like in an ancient Mayan city and their discoveries and inventions. We will be learning about Mesoamerica and looking at human and physical geography in North America today.

Earth and Space: This project has a Science focus, in which the children will learn to describe the movement of Earth and other planets relative to the Sun in the solar system. We will learn about the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth and the children will be able to describe the Sun, Earth, and Moon as approximately spherical bodies. The children will use the idea of Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky.

Peter Thorpe: This project has an Art focus, in which the children will refer to Peter Thorpe’s art and make links and comparisons to their own work. We will investigate hue, tint, tone, shades and mood whilst exploring the use of colour and texture. The children will create their own piece of art using acrylic paints, using techniques we will have reviewed in class.


PE Please can all PE Kits be in school throughout the school week. Our PE sessions will take place on a Monday and Thursday throughout this term. All children are to come to school wearing their PE tops on their PE days. Please can all items be clearly labelled. Please note: Most of our PE sessions will be outside so an additional jumper or jogging bottoms for PE during the winter months would be welcomed.

Water bottles Please can all children bring in a labelled water bottle for them to use throughout their day at school.

Homework Spelling homework on EdShed and TT Rockstars will continue to be set weekly, however Maths and English homework will move to SATs Companion for our year 6 pupils, which is an online platform designed to help support children with their learning towards SATs. All homework will be set on a Friday and due on a Wednesday. Spelling tests will also take place weekly.

Reading It is expected that children will read at home every day for 20 minutes. Please encourage children to log this in their planners. Children do not need to read to an adult for each session as independent reading is more than suitable, however, there is a joy in sharing a book with a family member, younger sibling or friend so please do encourage this where possible.

Planners/ Messages Should you need to speak to me please either write a note in your child’s planner or contact the school office, either by telephone or e-mail, who will either pass the message to me or arrange for me to contact you. Please ensure you let your child know if you write a note in their planner so that they know to pass this on to me.

Many thanks for your support,
Ms Bisson


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